Applebaum is a brand identity firm specializing in name development, branding systems, and marketing communications. We have been helping clients create successful identities for new products, companies, and services since 1982.


The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Connecticut needed to change their corporate identity after 60 years as a well-recognized and well-respected name in the insurance industry. SBLI engaged Applebaum to refine the naming strategy and develop the new identity. The key objectives were the development of an identity consistent with the SBLI heritage, positioning, and affiliations. Beyond that, the name also had to be suitable for newly expanded operations and future directions, including a strong, national, online presence and domain name.

VantisLife achieves all those objectives with a contemporary tone and suggests an advantage to the target audiences. After creating the name, Applebaum worked closely with upper management and directors to facilitate a smooth transition to the new identity.