Applebaum is a brand identity firm specializing in name development, branding systems, and marketing communications. We have been helping clients create successful identities for new products, companies, and services since 1982.


In 1990, Coca-Cola set out to launch a new soft drink that would go head-to-head with Mountain Dew. Applebaum was brought in to create a name that would disrupt the CSD segment, and Surge delivered with attitude and intensity. However, a few years before the energy drink boom happened, the product was withdrawn by Coca-Cola. While the original teen and young-adult male target audience has grown up, it turns out their desire for Surge has not waned. The recent consumer-coordinated Surge Movement, demonstrating unprecedented audience devotion and dedication, convinced company executives to reintroduce Surge in mid-2014. Both the brand and the loyalists are enjoying the comeback.