Applebaum is a brand identity firm specializing in name development, branding systems, and marketing communications. We have been helping clients create successful identities for new products, companies, and services since 1982.

What’s in a name? Everything.

A fully realized brand with an inspired name can literally make or break a new product or enterprise. The name must instantly inform the consumer of the brand essence with a promise and the power to engage.

Applebaum helps brands reach their full potential with names, visual identities, and strategic communications that revitalize, gain results, and introduce compelling new entities to the world.

A brand you can build on.

We join seamlessly with your team to help achieve objectives and ensure a standout brand that is authentic and connects with target audiences in a meaningful way. To help you define, refine, or re-invent your brand, we offer an efficient, flexible partnership that meets your specific needs with fair pricing and direct access to our company principals.

Why Applebaum?

Because we’re the branding department you never knew you had. We have a name for experience, insight, and creativity. We were founded decades ago based on a belief in the power of a name. Since then, we have been working with global Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, bringing brand-building experience, strategic insight, a proven process, and creative solutions to every project.

You see our work all around you —in store, online, at home — in brands that are distinctive, enduring, and an integral part of people’s lives.